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Moderninst Rowntree Park

Painted for their centenary celebration Art In The Park 2021 and published in their calendar. Original and limited edition prints are available.

Harvest Haze

SOLD, commission

Sunday Still Life, limited edition

A print run of 20 5x7inch high quality giclee prints.

Annie Mac, DJ

Oil on canvas 6x6 inches A portrait study using Sky Portrait Artist of the Week's model Annie Macmanus, better known as Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac. 6x6 inches

Sunday Still Life

Sunday Still Life, original Oil on canvas, 5 x 7 inches Painted May 2020, during coronavirus lockdown

SOLD Cliff Cave Claxon

SOLD Cliff Cave Claxon Oil on canvas board Approaching the Isle of May, Fife, by sea. On my visit, the foghorn tower stood strong and bright against the springtime sky and accentuated the geometric patterns of the rocks and caves below.

SOLD Grandpa's Hands

NOT FOR SALE Grandpa's Hands Oil on canvas board My grandfather's arthritic hands were tools of expression, whether they be used to praise prolific cricketers or his God in his quiet sincere Methodism. I painted this oil painting in the final year of his life.

Day Walk

Day Walk in Malta Griffin Alkyd oil paint on canvas board. The stone in Mdina, Malta, manages to be both soft and vibrant depending on where the sunlight channelled through the narrow streets bounces. Domestic houses populate Mdina; they mark their boundaries proudly with bright colours which send tourists reaching for their cameras but retain dignified privacy with nets, shutters and raised windows.

SOLD Night Walk

SOLD Night Walk in Malta Griffin Alkyd oil paint on canvas board. A street in Mdina, Malta

SOLD That Time of Night

SOLD That Time of Night Griffin Alkyd oil paint on canvas board. A companion painting to Night Walk, of a street in Mdina, Malta.

A Sure Window

A Sure Window, Malta Griffin Alkyd oil paint on canvas. The Azure Window in Gozo, Malta. It collapsed in a storm the day after I left Malta.

Long Hard Stare

Long Hard Stare Oil on canvas board

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