Art Market

I am a non profit artist based in my home studio in York, England. I specialise in oil painting, linocut printing and cyanotype photography.

In 2018 I co-founded ArtHouseBound: a collective of predominantly housebound artists in North Yorkshire. It is designed to support artists like me with health and disability restrictions by pooling resources and effort to overcome some of the practical difficulties of selling our work. 2020 will see changes to AHB: watch this space.

It took a while, but I came to my passion of making art in 2016 when I began lessons and life-drawing with portrait painter Andres Jaroslavsky. Prior to that my focus was on books: text, antiquity and conservation. I studied English Literature at the University of St Andrews (2009-2014) but art has always been part of my life. Inevitable, really, with an artist as a father (Christopher Ware). I am particularly drawn to late Medieval–early Renaissance paintings and early–mid 20th century abstracted work. My first exhibition was 2018.

Alongside my ongoing development of drawing and painting technique, I developed my interest in mark-making, early cubism and expressionism through wider reading which lead me towards the inspiring relief prints of Käthe Kollwitz. As my appreciation of strong monochromatic images deepened I discovered the cyanotype photographic process and learnt the technique with Alun Kirby. I joined the thriving York Printmakers at the beginning of the year and look forward to exhibiting with them in 2020. I returned to life-drawing in York this summer and in October attended a portrait painting workshop with Royal Portrait Society artist Sam Dalby: a lightbulb moment. I'm keen to attend one-to-one sessions with him in 2020 and see how far I can advance my technique.

For me, the process of creating is of utmost value. It allows time for meditative focus on one action and grants the deep satisfaction of having a tangible object to show for your efforts and to express your unique experience of the world. Any profit goes to charity, for example The Trussell Trust and Open Medicine Foundation.

I have a longterm neuro-immune condition called Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) which, while limiting my personal resources, informs and enriches my interpretation of the world. It follows that my website will be updated as and when I'm able. You are more than welcome to contact me here to discuss my work, commissions or events.