Percolations and process

Much of my week is spent staring out the window. An onlooker could be forgiven for thinking that the vacant expression and statuesque stillness could indicate a certain emptiness between the ears, but not so. Well, sometimes not so.

It seems to me that the job of an artist is not simply to produce copies of what we see, especially when many of us carry cameras of staggering sensitivity in our pockets with ever-growing places to store and share our snapshots. I think that artists are fairly simple coffee machines: we look at things, feel something about them, access memories of other things that made us experience a similar emotion and produce A Thing that says "look at this. It made me understand this corner of the world in this way. Do you agree, my friend?" So the vacant staring could be justified as part of the process of percolating raw data into an espresso shot of what I understand about the world. You may, if you choose to sip, get an emotional hit from it.

All this pontificating is to say that this blog has two aims: to share what data beans I'm popping in my percolator and explain the mechanics of how I'm creating the next brew. Thinking and making.

Along the way I hope to produce resources such as tutorial videos and information sheets on how I produce my artworks, which will be available to view and download via membership. This is because the internet is a wonderful teacher which opens up creative avenues to people who may not otherwise come across them. I wouldn't have started linocutting without it.

When Notre Dame burned, I started linocutting the famous surviving Rose Window

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